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Girls night out for the roommates birthday. 
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Because my friends are the best.
My friend Julia is so beautiful.
looking forward to rooming with her next year :)
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When I went camping in Spain I under packed and was freezing one night, my friend Javier told me to look in his backpack and take out whatever shirt I liked. I picked out this one not really paying attention to what was on it and quickly put a sweater over it. I didn’t realize it was a Keith Haring (one of my favorite artists) good luck shirt until I got home and when I tried to give it back to him he told me to keep it and that it was one of his favorite shirts. I have to say this is one of my favorite items that I brought back from Spain. I’ve never had a bad day in this shirt. Its my daily reminder that I need to go back to Spain one day and repay it for all the luck its brought me.
I will forever love that place and am just so grateful for all the experiences it has been able to bring to me and some of the clarity (lol and lack of clarity) it has brought to my life. It has helped me realize what is really is important in life.
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Roof tannin

Because I have such beautiful friends.
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Finally went back to England and visited Alex. 
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Me being obnoxious in front of hot dog stands.
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At some pub
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Another photo fav of the week.
My girl Gwen.
My guys.
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My trip to Amsterdam. eating pancakes and sandwiches.
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photo from the worst night of my summer so farrrr.

but when i look back on it, it really wasn’t a bad night, maybe even a good one.
im just a whinny baby who thinks everything is ruined if i fall and scrape my knees.
its a night for the history books for sure…
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A dying man’s last wish: To see his dog 
Yurt used to live with a homeless Cedar Rapids man, 57-year-old Kevin McClain, in his car. But a month ago he became ill with lung cancer.
Paramedics rushed him to Mercy Medical Center and later to Hospice House. Yurt went to the animal shelter.
“In the transition of moving him over from our ambulance cot to the bed, he told me, ‘I have a dog,’” said Area Ambulance Service Paramedic Specialist Jan Erceg.…
From the day Yurt and Kevin were separated, he asked to see her.…