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Abandoned rail depot, Ft Tilden   (4139)

Walk Amongst Giants by reclusive.North on Flickr.
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Grand Canyon National Park: Water Bottle Filling Station 0140 by Grand Canyon NPS on Flickr.
Grand Canyon National Park: Water Bottle Filling Station Designated water bottle filling stations have been installed in high traffic areas on both rims of the park, making it easier than ever before to refill your water bottle. Like the existing water fountains and sinks in buildings and facilities throughout the park, the new filling stations provide free, Grand Canyon spring water from the park’s approved water supply, located at Roaring Springs. The bottle filling station shown in this photo is at the South Kaibab Trailhead.

By Jane in Colour

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now i know what i would want my hair to look like if it were short

untitled by jovannatosello on Flickr.

pre-wedding hiking in appenzell by swissmiss on Flickr.
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Yang-Ming Mountain in October, 2007, oil on canvas, Tzu-chi YEH (Taiwanese, b. 1957)
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