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My Honors College Application Essay:
So before I share this, I have a very complicated relationship with application essays. They have always been terribly hard for me and make me feel reduced to something that isn’t me, which usually turnes into disingenuous crap on paper that I think people want to hear, or a jumbled cluster of over analyzed thoughts. (When I was in high school I literally wanted to write a college essay about how I love putting my bare feet in the grass). Anywho I guess  When I applied to the honors college I decided to write about something that really was me for one of the first times, and this is what came out (after a couple of mental breakdowns of course).

Describe your most significant academic achievement or intellectual endeavor. Highlight how it will influence your undergraduate education or goals for the future.
The Meaning of Sexual Wellness Week
My most prestigious academic achievement at XXX was earned through actions that left a lasting impact on students and faculty.  This year I started the first ever Sexual Wellness Week at XXX.
I have always despised how sex and sexuality are seen as unspeakable topics in our society. I grew up in a family that had difficulty communicating information about sex, which put me through confusing times when I started feeling like a sexual person. I didn’t necessarily have anyone proficient to confide in about those new feelings. I think most people feel like sexual beings, and there is nothing wrong with that; it has allowed for the vast procreation of our species. While I believe sex is great, I have seen how our society’s perception of sex, gender, and sexuality has damaged people deeply, whether it be through failing to fit within the normalized heterosexual role, lack of education on protecting oneself, or by relationships devoid of wholesome communication.
I designed Sexual Wellness Week (SWW) as a series of informative events aimed at educating students on sexual violence and consent, sexual health, healthy relationships, and sexual orientation. The SWW team felt that focusing on these areas would foster a sex positive environment on campus, not necessarily encouraging sex, but equipping students with the tools and knowledge essential to engage in healthy sexual activity when they choose to do so.
This indispensable information was communicated through discussions, panels, and fun interactive activities led by ASU faculty and students with expertise in these particular concentrations.  During SWW over 500 students were impacted, and over 115 students were tested for STIs on campus for free.  SWW gained an incredible amount of support from the XXX community signifying its necessity as a campus program.
SWW allowed me the opportunity to distinguish how grave an impact this erudition has on students and also facilitated my discovery of how strongly I aspire to become a sexual health educator who works to create sex positive environments in countries where education and gender equality is lacking. 
In many nations STIs, AIDS, and sexual assault are still prevalent.  I have traveled to over 15 countries and seen the disparities of sexual health resources.  Due to my extensive travels I have gained a passion for the sexual rights of women as well as an overall fervor for social justice.
Through SWW I obtained knowledge that I will transfer to my Women & Gender Studies degree. SWW deepened my relationships with those dedicated to the same cause. SWW was honored with Best LGBT Program Award from XXX’s LGBT Services for the wealth of information students gained from the 11 events throughout the week. However beyond all awards, being able to change any individual’s attitude towards sex, communication, and gender identity to a more positive one has been my greatest academic achievement at XXX.  This is merely a starting point, I aspire to continue promoting my message of healthy relationships, consent, acceptance, and sexual positively.

I just found out that I am officially admitted into the honors college at my university. Though even if they hadn’t accepted me, I would have just been happy that I could honestly stand behind what I had submitted.  
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so i decided to draw some weird self portraits of myself.
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and an unfinished hand
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Mobile photo of my unfinished drawing of an eye. Looking for something new to draw, send me some suggestions! imanic.tumblr.com/submit
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I want to paint this again and redo the face
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the eyeball i started to draw.
still cant find my smudge sticks :/
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a picture i drew of my friend Alex. i met him in England and we became good friends, sent this to him for Christmas in 2009.
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i love peacocks.
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unfinished self portrait.
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