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Can 1 man photograph every animal species on Earth?National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is on a mission to photograph every species — and help save them in the process. When he’s between the photoshoots that send him everywhere from the Galapagos Islands to Antarctica, Sartore spends his time at zoos and aquariums photographing animals for his personal venture, The Biodiversity Project. This huge undertaking was Sartore’s idea, and of the 6,000 species on the planet, he’s already captured nearly a third.
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Weekend readers’ pictures: noise
From Lancaster bombers, to Christmas party poppers: your best pictures on this week’s theme, noise
Tori James: ‘My daughter Ivy at three weeks old. I had no idea such strong character could be ­conveyed by a person as small as this.’ Photograph: Tori James

How cute can you possibly get? by wili_hybrid on Flickr.